This course is based upon the 1992 Edition of the book: The Hidden Power of the Heart - by Sara Paddison

1992 by Planetary Publications

The Hidden Power of the Heart is a fascinating account of Sara Paddison’s personal transformation through the heart, a journey that takes us into the latest discoveries in quantum physics and hologram theory. You will discover a hidden power available to everyone-a power that can change your own life and create a new future for humanity.

What is Heart Power?

In this inspiring program you will learn that each of us has a magnificent power within that can facilitate change, eliminate stress, fill us with hope, and empower us to live our lives to the fullest potential. The secret for uncovering this power is learning to live from the heart. This program shows you how.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Topics Include

How to listen to and follow your heart

How to know what your intuition is telling you

Using heart power tools to transform mental and emotional stress

Understanding real compassion and forgiveness

Deep heart listening and speaking your truth

The magnetics of love and appreciation 

Reawakening core family values

How science and religion can come together

Discovering your soul blueprint in your DNA

New directions in mind/brain research

New perspectives on death, holographic and multi-dimensional awareness.