Home & Heart

The concept of home occupies a unique place in the sensibilities and affections of all human beings in the global village, whatever their finances or geography.

Whether we live in a shack or a palace we retreat from the outside world to our homes not just for physical shelter and refreshment but for inner renewal also.

This course is about making sure our living spaces offer a warm emotional landscape and reflect the individuality of the people who spend so much time in them - offering the right psychic climate to generate the sharing, continually learning and caring home-culture which makes happy, healthy children and well-balanced grown ups.

Most important in the home sanctuary is the concept of bringing the outside in and taking the inside out - an environmental shift in lifestyle-thinking, setting everyday lives in harmony with the natural world.

Many of us feel the pace of life is way too fast. We suffer from technology overload, and fear that we may be defined by our purchases. If you feel like this and yearn for a calmer lifestyle, this course will be an aide-memoire in your quest to find your home a “genius loci” - spirit of place.

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